Health and Safety

The Jog has proved to be very safe for everyone over the years. But that is because we have worked hard to make it safe!

We judge that the most likely time for participants to have an accident is during the first lap, when everyone is bunched together and eager to race as fast as possible.


Fast runners will be asked to start at the front of the line. Small children should go to the back.

Follow the instructions of the Starter and Circuit Marshalls at all times.

Wear suitable footwear and clothing. Obviously.

The start will be phased in groups as organised by the Starter.

The Jog is not a race against others. Jog at your own pace.

Take care when overtaking and do not push or jostle and be especially careful when passing children.

At the end of each lap, go through the gate corresponding to your number.

Spectators are requested to keep clear of joggers and, when in the car park, to stay within the spectator area behind the tape. Please do not encroach on the circuit.

Dogs (guide dogs excepted), prams, push chairs, etc will not be allowed on the circuit for health and safety reasons.

Additional instructions may be given through the loudspeaker


In 2012 we had atrocious weather but the Jog continued at the request of participants. We started the Jog a few minutes early as many children were cold. We also curtailed it after half an hour, although some people wanted to continue! We trusted people to record their own number of laps. Many said it was the best Jog ever!