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What is it all about about?

The Jog


Get your relatives, friends, family or anyone else to sponsor you to jog around Moor Park for an hour on a Sunday morning to raise money for charity.

Use the Application form from the Jog programme or download it from here. Register and get your running number before the Jog starts, (unless pre-registered with a school or group).
On  Sunday 24 March 2019

Open at 9:30 for late registrants.

The Jog starts at 10:30am when the klaxon sounds.

Finish is at 11:30. Complete the lap if you are part way round at the end.


What to do

Start in the Moor car park, Knutsford, jogging around the park for as many laps as you can do in 1 hour. The course is about 750m (800 yards) long. Tiny tots usually manage 3 laps, tough guys and gals manage 15.

Go through the counting gate in the car park at the end of each lap.
Counting gatesWe will record the number of laps you run.
Start the first few laps SLOWLY to maximise the distance you can run.

Be careful of small children. They are easy to trip over!

Wear appropriate clothing and footwear. No bikes, skateboards, dogs, etc. Sorry, no room for them! Smile. We will take photos for the press, schools, etc.

Now read our 'Elf and Safety Instructions, please.